What is a new car broker?

A new car broker is a person (or a company) that works on your behalf to ensure that you receive the best possible pricing when buying your new car. This is generally achieved through our buying power, fleet discounts and motor vehicle industry contacts.

How can Justs Car Finance save me thousands on my new car?

We are specialists at car buying. We know how and where to ind you the best deal on your new car. We can achieve fleet discounted pricing on all makes and models through our enormous buying power and industry contacts.

Does my new car come with a new car warranty?

Of Course. Your brand new vehicle will be delivered directly from an authorised motor dealer and will come with the statutory new car warranty of three years. From time to time different manufacturers may provide special promotions of extended car warranties or you can arrange extended cover through one of our consultants.

Does my new car actually come from a new car dealer?

Yes, your new car will come directly from a new car dealer. We can also arrange for the vehicle to be delivered to your home or business with a full tank of fuel, registered and ready to drive away including all on road costs and expenses.

So what is the process Just Cars Finance uses to save me money on mynew car?

Once we receive your enquiry we will put it out to tender with several dealers in your state who will compete for your business via return of their quotes at their best possible discounted price. Once we have them all back (generally same business day) we will contact you and let you know the best possible price on your new car. If you are satisfied with your savings we can then arrange for you to place an order and have your new car delivered to your door.

How do I pay for my new car?

Payment for your new car is always made directly to the dealer. We do not handle payment in anyway and final payment is generally made by way of bank cheque, transfer or direct deposit from your finance company.

Do I need a car loan for my new car?

There are many positive reasons for using a car loan or car finance for your new car purchase. Firstly it frees up your capital for other purposes and it also makes a new car more affordable. By paying off your new car monthly you can balance your lifestyle. It also allows you to get the car you want right now rather than saving for years before you can afford it. For some individuals a car loan is used for your salary packaging and car finance has some significant tax benefits for business owners. For further information please ask one of our consultants who will be more than happy to help you with your questions.

Can Just Cars Finance package up and take care of all my new car needs?

Here at Just Car Finance we can take care of everything you will ever need when buying your new car. We can arrange for you the best possible price on your new car, low interest finance, your car insurance and an extended warranty saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

Why should I use Just Cars Finance?

There are many reasons you should use our service. Firstly it is FREE to the buyer. Secondly we will save you substantially more money than you could ever save for yourself as well as package all your needs together saving you time to do the things you enjoy most. Using our service you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when buying your new car.

Am I obligated to buy the car if I ask Just Cars Finance to search for avehicle on my behalf?

No. We will work on your behalf to achieve the best possible price for you. If you are satisfied with your massive savings we can orchestrate your order and the delivery of your new car. Unlike other car brokers who request a ‘membership fee’ or ‘search fee’ we do not charge you anything and rely on our expert car buying skills to save you money and turn our enquiries into sales.

If this is a free service then how does Just Cars Finance make any money?

When purchasing a new car assisted by Just Car Finance the service is free and you will not be up for any further expenses. The pricing we are able to achieve and quoted to you will be the final on road price with no more to pay. Our income is achieved through a nominal fee paid by the dealer.

What is car finance?

Car Finance is the most practical solution to working within your cashflow situation to purchase your new car. This means wether you are buying your car as part of a salary sacrifice, a business asset purchase or as a private buyer we are able to guide you through the most cost effective method to secure your car through a novated lease, chattel mortgage, finance lease or consumer loan just to name a few. Our car loan interest rates are the most competitive in the country using a range of lenders such as Esanda, Liberty Finance, Westpac, Bank of Queensland, Fleet Partners, GE, Macquarie Leasing and the St George Bank to name a few.

Do I need car insurance?

Car insurance is a very important step to ensure that your investment is protected. Comprehensive insurance will cover you against any accidental damage that may occur to your vehicle or any other persons property. Comprehensive insurance cover is only compulsory when you obtain any form of finance for your new car but we strongly recommend it for every new car buyer to protect not only their investment but also the extreme cost that will accompany any other persons claim against you in the case of an at fault accident.

Do I need an extended car warranty on my new car?

If you plan to keep your new car for more than three years or drive further than 100,000kms we recommend you consider an extended warranty for your new car. This warranty will protect you against any unplanned repairs that may occur due to mechanical or electrical failure.

Do I need gap cover for my new car loan?

Although it is not compulsory you should consider the benefits of EPI or gap cover when using finance for your new car purchase. Gap cover will protect you in the case that your vehicle is written off or stolen and not recovered. Cover will be for the difference of what your insurance company is prepared to pay you for your vehicle against what your payout figure will be to the finance company.

Can Just Cars Finance arrange a Greenslip for my family and friends?

Yes of course, depending on your state of residency we are able to arrange your Greenslip over the phone and send a payment advice to your local RTA so that you can register your vehicle without the inconvenience of going out to find a Greenslip provider.

What is a Novated Lease?

A Novated Lease is a 3-way arrangement between the employee, the employer and the financier where the obligations under the finance lease are transferred from the employee to the employer through a Deed of Novation, and the employer assumes responsibility for making the lease payments to the financier. The Deed of Novation remains in force until the earlier of the end of the lease term, or until the employee ceases employment

What is a chattel mortgage?

A Chattel Mortgage is a form of car finance available for sole proprietors, partnerships and companies that use the ‘cash’ method of accounting for the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Under the cash method, the GST component of the acquisition price of the motor vehicle can be claimed back on the next Business Activity Statement, rather than claiming the GST over the term of the finance contract.

What car finance package is best for me?

That depends on your personal situation. There are many different car loan arrangements that can be packaged to suit your individual needs. Some questions will need to be considered such as are you buying this car as part of a salary package (novated lease), is this a business purchase (Chattel Mortgage or CHP) or is this vehicle for your personal use (fiannce loan). Our consultants will be able to provide you with some general advice as to which finance package may be most appropriate.

Can Just Cars Finance organise extras such as window tint?

Because your new car will come directly from a new car dealer you can fit the car with any of the standard accessories that are available from a dealer. These include things like tinted windows, car mats, blue tooth, a tow bar etc. When lodging your initial enquiry let the consultant know so that he/she may factor it in to your on road price.

What are on road costs?

On road costs include things like dealer delivery fees, registration, stamp duty and CTP. All these things will be included in your final on road price that you receive from the dealers.

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