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Extended Manufacturers Warranty coverage can be purchased at the time you purchase your new or used car when you arrange your car’s finance and insurance, or at any stage while your Manufacturers Warranty is still valid. Your Extended Manufacturers Warranty begins when your original Manufacturers Warranty period ends, so there is no overlap, you only pay for the extended warranty period.

As new cars become increasingly complex, parts become more expensive and repairs more complicated, labour hours quickly mount up Before you know it, the cost of fixing the cause from one small warning light has added up to thousands.

A good quality Extended Manufacturers Warranty will protect thousands of your vehicle’s components from mechanical and electrical failure. Buying an Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty can help you avoid large, unexpected repair bills and help you protect one of your biggest investments – your car. Securing an extended warranty before your car’s manufacturers warranty runs out means that you are covered for mechanical or electrical failure in your car-repairs that would you thousands.

Extended Manufacturers Warranty is an extension of the manufacturer warranty, covering original components against mechanical failure, with the optional benefit of emergency accommodation, towing and hire car when more than 150km from home.

Just Cars Finance Motor Vehicle Warranty covers; engine, transmission, steering, air conditioning and heating, cooling and fuel systems, electrical instruments, anti-lock brakes, all electrical systems, all engine management systems, torsion bars, engine mounts, suspension, all lift gate, door and window mechanisms, turbo chargers and much, much, more.

We can even arrange extended manufacturers warranties for cars that others won’t cover including Alfa Romeo, Fiat, BMW 7 series, 8 series L & M series, Peugeot, Jaguar, Landrover, Range Rover and Mercedes Benz.


What is an Extended Motor Vehicle Warranty?

An Extended Manufacturer warranty gives you the chance to extend your original Manufacturers Warranty for an additional period of time.

We have a range of extended warranty products available for a range of different prices, but each of these warranties come with different conditions and inclusions. Ideally your extended warranty coverage should cover a wide range of your vehicle components for mechanical and electrical failure. Other services such as Roadside Assist, and Tyre and Rim Insurance can be included.

How Just Cars Finance can help?

Just Cars Finance takes the guesswork out of Extended Manufacturers Warrantycoverage. Our insurance products provided by Australia’s Leading Insurers including Allianz Insurance, Swann Insurance, Avea Insurance, AWN (Austalian Warranty Network) and Premium Warranties Australia give you the chance to extend your original manufacturers warranty for up to 5 years – we have warranty cover that is priced to suit your driving needs.

Just Cars Finance’s experienced consultants can advise you on all types of car, business and personal insurance. To arrange your extended motor vehicle warranty cover today complete our quick online insurance enquiry or call us on 1300 14 22 77.

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