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Our Car Care solution is the new, cost effective andd convenient way to help keep new cars looking as good as new, inside and out. So whether it’s a SUV for a big family or a brand new sports car, We have the small repair solution you’ve been looking for. Using industry-qualified spray painters and leading edge SMART technology we quickly and easily repair minor scuffs, scrapes and dents that don’t warrant the cost and downtime of sending your car to a crash repairer.

$50 Repairs (“Gold Members enjoy low $50 fixed price repairs done at your convenience”)

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Car Care Frequently Asked Questions

Is the joining fee a once off payment?

Yes, the joining fee is only paid once on first joining,thereafter you only pay the low annual renewal fee to remain a member.

What is the service area?

The service area is the geographic area where ENCW will travel to do repairs.This is typically the greater metropolitan area of Melbourne,Sydney and Brisbance and some larger regional cities.As specified on the website.

What happens if I move outside the service area?

You simply need to come back into the service area to have a repair done.

Does it matter if my car is registered under a business name?

No. Providing it is not used commercially or as a tool of trade.i.e.courier,taxi.If your business has one or more vehicles we recommend considering the ENCW Corporate Fleet program.

How many times can I request a repair?

Unlimited during the term of your membership:each repair will only incur the fixed fee.

If I have 3 repairs done at once, how much will this cost?

Simple.Just 3x the fixed repair fee.

Once I become a member,is there a waiting period before I can request a repair?

Yes, the waiting period is 45 days from membership commencement.

How do I request a repair?

Simply call 1300 14 22 77 during normal business hrs or online at Insurance Enquiry


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