Bad Credit Car Loans & Financing options in Sydney


If you know you have bad credit, you are one step closer to getting in the drivers seat!

Most people with bad credit don’t even know they have it and spend endless amounts of time applying for car loans and car finance only to get declined without knowing the reason why.

Here at Just Cars Finance we specialize in bad credit car loans and car finance for people with a poor credit history. We understand that with so many services provided on credit, and the unfair position most consumers are placed in it is nearly impossible to keep a clean credit history.

Through our range of lenders and your honest approach we are able to place your application with the most suitable lender to get you approved fast which means that you will be in the drivers seat in no time at all.

All it takes is a 5 minute application. IT’S EASY, IT’S FREE AND IT’S FAST!

We do bad credit car loans and arrange new car finance for people with bad credit for:

  • New Car Loans/ New Car Finance
  • Used Car Loans/ Used Car Finance
  • Refinancing your existing car loan
  • Buying a new car through our car buying service to save you thousands
  • New Car Dealer purchases
  • Used Car Dealer Purchases

Here at Just Cars Finance, our consultants specialize in bad credit car loans and can help you achieve your dream of owning a new or second hand car at a time when all you need is a change to get back on your feet.

Bad / Impaired Credit Car Loans

  • Are you a discharged bankrupt?
  • Do You have credit card defaults?
  • You forgot to pay off your telephone or electricity bill
  • Do you have unpaid defaults but have made arrangements to pay?
  • Have you been declined by the banks?

We can help jump start your credit rating with a second chance loan and can arrange amounts of up to 100% of the purchase price of a new or used motor vehicle, even if you are discharged bankrupt or have paid defaults. Bad credit scores and ratings can result for many reasons, including illness or job loss. Many Bad Credit car loans are specifically tailored to bridge these challenges.

Get A Pre-Approved Bad Credit Car Loan Now!

We can find a Bad Credit Car Loan for those with a discharged bankruptcy or defaults. If you’ve settled your debt or completed a Part 9 Debt Agreement, we can find a Bad Credit Car Loan that matches your needs.

To organize your Bad Credit Car Loan or other motor vehicle finance right nowapply for a loan online. One of our consultants will be in touch to find out what you need, talk you through the loan application and personally take care of every detail. We’ll explain your options, sort out the paperwork and do everything we can to get you the fastest loan approval on the best finance for YOU

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